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Bike Trainer

Martins Bike Shop sells a wide range of Indoor Bike Trainers. Approximate price range is $130-$350. 5 Unique styles on display.

Featured Trainers

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today and check them out.

Indoor Bike Trainer

Training indoors is an excellent way to keep fit and maintain your cycling form during cold weather. Stationary cycling trainers can be easily fitted to your own bike.

Advantages to Indoor Biking

  • Indoor trainers provide a more vigorous workout with higher heart rates.
  • Indoor trainers improve your pedaling and cadence techniques.
  • Outdoor rides typically take longer to achieve the same workout. You’ll save time riding indoors.
  • Portable and easy to set up.

Styles of indoor bicycle trainers:

Fluid trainers

These feature varying degrees of resistance for a good simulation of a real ride. They are more expensive than magnetic trainers. Martins Bike Shop recommends Kurt’s Kinetic fluid trainers.

Magnetic trainers

This type of equipment uses magnets to create static resistance. They are usually quiet. Although they don’t simulate road conditions, they are less expensive than fluid trainers. Martins Bike Shop recommends Giant Bicycles magnetic trainers.