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Seat Machine

Bike Seat Tester

If all you can think about when you look at your bike is the discomfort you felt the last time you rode your bike, there will be very little incentive to get on and ride.

Find your preferred seat

test out several different seats

We can help change all that. What makes a bike more or less comfortable are the rider position and the contact points. The contact points are pedals, grips, and seat.

The seat is the most important contact point. Most bikes come with a stock seat that is not overly comfortable. There are many options on upgraded seats. For casual riders, softer and wider is most times more comfortable. Performance riders will want to check the length of the seat, the width of the nose and the seat weight.

Helping you choose which seat is best for you.

seat machine or seat tester

With all these options how will you choose what is right for you? That is why we developed our seat machine. The seat machine or seat tester, allows you to test out several different seats to figure out which one works best for you. Your bike seat selection is a personal preference. At Martins you can try them out before you invest in a new one.

seat department

Part of our seat department. Martins bike shop has on display over 25 unique models of upgrade seats.