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Free Test Rides

Test Ride

To really know if you will enjoy using a product you need to try it out. That is why we offer free bicycle test rides, and have a large display of fitness equipment set-up and ready to use.

Bring your sneakers along! Every brand of treadmill and elliptical has their own unique feel; you really have to spend a few minutes testing them to make sure you like the motion. Martins has a large selection of fitness equipment set-up, on display, and ready to try.

test ride track around store

We have a test ride track set up around our property. It’s a safer, friendly environment for testing out bikes before you purchase one.

Try before you buy

Many times bike selection comes down to a balance of comfort vs performance. Super-fast race bikes tend to be less comfortable than a hybrid bike for leisure riding. With all the differing styles of bikes available, you will want to test ride several to make sure you enjoy the ride.