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Martins Bike Shop sells a wide range of elliptical trainers. 8 Unique styles on display. Approximate price range is $799-$4,199.

Featured Ellipticals

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today and try them out.

Elliptical Buyers Guide

Your local source for Total Body Cross-Trainer

We stock and sell a large selection of top rated ellipticals that continually get top reviews by consumers and fitness professionals.

Save your knees! Elliptical Trainers give you a low-impact full-body workout with a natural motion. Martins Bike Shop offers models with space saving folding design. Ramp and stride adjust models are what you need to keep elliptical workouts exciting and comfortable.

Why Elliptical Machines?

  • No impact on the joints
  • More efficient workout
  • Builds bone density
  • Easy to use

Elliptical Terms

Front Drive
A common type of elliptical where the resistance system is in front of the user’s feet.
Core Drive
A more advanced design with the resistance system at the side of the elliptical. These ellipticals have a very balanced feel, and also a smaller foot print.
Rear Drive
An older rarely used design where the resistance system is behind the user. These units take up a lot of floor space and are not recommended for home use.
Ascent Trainer
An elliptical with an adjustment system to vary stride pattern. Sometimes called ramp adjust. Being able to adjust the height and length of the stride allows the user to vary the stride so it is more comfortable. Also more calories are burned by raising the incline.
Dual Action
Elliptical with upper and lower body workout. (All the ellipticals we sell can be used as single or dual action) Dual action exercise is more efficient in burning calories.

Advanced or Simple

We have ellipticals with very simple electronics that everyone can use. Get on, touch the green "quick start" button, and go.

On the other hand we offer ellipticals with cutting edge electronic technology features, such as:

  • Automatically feed your workout data into popular tracking and fitness apps
  • iOS and USB connectivity for music and other entertainment options
  • Fitness coaching programs for high tech scientifically proven work-out results
  • High resolution virtual tours of popular world destinations