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Upright Exercise Bikes

Martins Bike Shop sells a wide range of Upright Exercise Bikes. 10 Unique styles on display. Approximate price range is $350-$1900.

Featured Uprights

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today and try them out.

Upright Exercise Bike Buyers Guide

Schwinn Airdyne

America’s 30 year old golden standard for cardiac rehabilitation. The Airdyne is the most reliable cost effective total body workout available. We also sell the Airdyne Evolution Comp, an upgraded version of the Schwinn Airdyne.


Spinning is becoming extremely popular across America. Now you spin right in your home. Hop on one of these authentic Spinner bikes for an awesome work out.

Upright Bikes

The original form of in-home workout, the stationary bike has come a long way since the Schwinn exercise bikes were introduced in the 70’s. Today’s Upright Bikes feature magnetic resistance and custom programs. The exercise bike is great for those with limited space or budget or for someone who loves to ride bike.

Peloton Bike

We do not sell the Peloton brand bikes in our store but we do have several great alternatives. See the Alternatives to the Peloton Bike article in our Fit Tips Blog for more details.