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Indoor Row Machines

In stock and on display at our store. Approximate price range is $899-$1699.

Rowing Machines

These models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today and try them out.

Rowing Machines Buyers Guide

Rowing is a proven form of cardiovascular workout that burns calories and tones muscles. The concept of rowing is to engage all the major muscle groups. Because it is a total body workout, a rowing machine could be your one single piece of home cardio equipment. Many fitness enthusiasts also have a rower to use as a supplement to their treadmill or elliptical routine.

Types of rowing machines

Martins offers two main types of rower technology.

Magnetic Rowing Machines

Our magnetic rowing machines use permanent magnets to create resistance. With magnetic rowers there are no brake pads to replace or water to change.

Air Rowing Machine

We also offer a lower cost air resistance rower. These rowers use a fan based resistance system borrowed from the enduring design of the Schwinn Air Dyne.

Rowing Machine Foldable

We offer rowers that fold for easy storage. That way when you’re not using your rowing machine you can fold it up and get it out of the way. Rowers are one of the easiest piece of cardio equipment to move; they are lightweight and most of them fold for storage. This gives you the flexibility to add a rower to almost any home gym.