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Martins Bike Shop sells a wide range of treadmills. 10 Unique styles on display. Approximate price range is $799-$4699.

Featured Treadmills

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today and try them out.

Treadmill Buyers Guide

Your local source for top rated Treadmills

The treadmill is the most natural type of in-home workout. It is really just like walking and running. All models available at Martins Bike Shop have power incline and continuous duty motors. The treadmill is a proven source of workout that has been around for years.

Why a Treadmill?

  • Natural motion
  • Reduced impact on the joints
  • Indoor activity can be used during unfavorable weather conditions
Folding Treadmill
Allows the treadmill to be folded to about one third the size. Nice feature for those who are tight on space. Folding is usually not available on treadmills that are made for professional runners.
Continuous Duty Motors
A somewhat better way of rating motor horse power. 2hp Continuous Duty is better than 2hp Peak Duty. That said, there are other more important considerations than motor horse power. Horse power ratings are complicated, and hard to figure out accurately. Unfortunately many low end manufacturers tend to overrate their motors. Two things to check out are: #1 What are the physical dimensions of the motor? (Bigger is usually better.) #2 Is the rest of the treadmill up to power with the motor size? Or in other words, are the electronics, belt, and frame on par with the motor?
A digitally controlled workout routine that takes the user through a “course” of speed and/or elevation changes automatically. Great if you don’t have a lot of prior experience with working out on a treadmill because these programs are designed by fitness professionals that know how to get the most benefit from your workout time. Programs are included with nearly all the treadmills we sell.