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Take it from our customers:

My wife and I had a wonderful experience at your store last Friday when we purchased a True Fitness PS800 Treadmill. The installers did a great job. THANKS!!

Lynn Stewart

...Great equipment, great workout. Thanks...!

Shawn T. , PA

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my treadmill. You cleaned it up & put it back together so I could continue to use until the new part came in. You always come at my convenience and its always a job "well done"! I’m enjoying my workouts with a new and MUCH quieter motor. Thanks for all that you did. No doubt the I will always be a Martin Bike Shop customer!

B. Ferris

Thank you for such a wonderful buying experience. Buying a treadmill is a big deal since you want it to be a good quality piece of equipment and you want to buy it from a business you know will stand behind it. I bought this one in about ten minutes flat due to the great salesman I had. He was so helpful but not at all pushy and he really knew his stuff so it was easy to decide which treadmill I needed... The same gentleman and another man delivered it today and set it up and they were so professional and helpful. Thank you so much.

Carol N.
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