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Sprint 8 Workout

Fitness Guide

Less Time Better Fitness

Time is a premium for most of us. What if I would tell you a way to get a better workout and save an hour or two each week? That is what the Sprint 8 workout is all about. The recommended time commitment is 20 minutes, 3 days a week.

The Sprint 8 workout is scientifically proven to work. This is the same program many athletes use to improve their game and stay in shape.

The key to Sprint 8 workout program is eight, 30 second bursts of high intensity with 90 second rest intervals between. It’s also important to warm up and cool down properly. The workout is a dialed in scientifically proven version of the popular high intensity interval training technique which is starting to be promoted by many “professionals”.

Sprint 8 is a training tool you can use for the long run. Since 2005 when Sprint 8 was introduced, many Vision Fitness users have been saving time and getting fit.

Read your equipment owner’s manual before using the Sprint 8 Workout.

Sprint 8 Results showing Sweat Score

Sprint 8 just got a lot more fun. You can have Phil Campbell the developer of the program come on and coach you through your first several Sprint 8 workouts. Also you now get a sweat score for each interval and encouragement to meet and beat your last interval. These new features are avalible on the Matrix Smart Consoles.

Featuring Sprint 8

These and many other Vision fitness models come equipped with the Sprint 8 workout.