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Our Fitness Brands

Our Fitness Brands

We constantly strive to bring you top quality fitness products. Following is a summary of the fitness equipment brands we stock.

1 True Fitness

Over 30 years and running strong. True Fitness focuses on residential and commercial premium cardio fitness equipment. We at Martins Bike Shop have recently had the opportunity to travel to St. Louis and meet with Mr. Frank Trulaske, the founder and CEO of True Fitness. The goal at True Fitness is not to sell the most cardio products in the world, but to deliver the world's best premium equipment.

3 Horizon

Owned by Vision, Horizon Fitness is a value brand offering reliable home grade fitness equipment. Horizon Fitness offers many of the features of the premium equipment at a fraction of the price. Horizon Fitness makes smart fitness equipment, and makes it available to everyone.

4 Matrix Fitness

Matrix is among the world’s premier – and fastest-growing – commercial fitness brands.

5 Tuff Stuff

Tuff Stuff is one of the few large scale fitness manufacturers still making equipment in the USA. For more than 40 years TuffStuff has focused on the design, development and manufacture of premium-grade strength and fitness products. The name says it all.

6 Octane Fitness

Octane Fitness is well known for zero-impact training equipment that customers love and rely on to fuel their lives.

7 Schwinn Quality

The Schwinn Airdyne still sets the standard for none impact total body workouts.