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Ride Bike

Quality Bikes

A “bike shop quality bike” will give you many miles of safe reliable riding. Quality bikes use better materials and design to create a great riding experience. Higher quality materials will not only last longer but are also lighter weight, therefore giving you the best ride.

Professional Assembly

  • All bikes are assembled and adjusted by our experienced bike mechanics.
  • Assembly also includes proper tuning and adjusting of the gears and brakes.
  • Our discount price includes free assembly.

Proper Fit

  • People come in all sizes and so do bikes; we’re here to help you find your match.
  • Proper fit is all about dialing in the balance between comfort and performance.
  • We encourage test rides on our test ride track. A test ride insures the bike fits properly before you buy the bike. A correct fit equals a safe and comfortable ride.

Our main product lines are Giant Bicycles and Raleigh USA. Check these manufacturers' web sites for product specifications.