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Bike Accessories

Bike Accessories

The right accessories can make or break a great bike ride. We sell a complete line of bike accessories including apparel, lighting, components, helmets, seats, and more. Visit our showroom today to find the gear that fits your bike and your ride.

Essential Accessories

Don't Leave Home Without Them. Consider these few accessories and add-ons to customize your bike, keep you safe & comfortable, and better enjoy your riding experience.

Visit our store to check out these and many more great bike accessories.


The most critical accessory you can buy to protect yourself. We strongly suggest all riders wear helmets. We have dozens of styles, colors, and sizes available. More helmet information and photos


We offer a wide variety of headlights and taillights to increase your visibility, provide added safety, and allow you to enjoy riding into the evening.

Bike Seats

The right seat can make or break the ride. Most bikes come with a very basic seat; uppgrading the seat is the first order of business for most riders. We help you choose the right seat with our one of a kind seat tester.

Bike Locks

Protect your investment with a secure, easy-to-attach cable lock or U-lock.

Car Racks

Get more enjoyment from your bike. Take it wherever you travel. It's easy with a durable and convenient hitch or trunk mounted car rack. help me choose

Digital Speedometer

These cool computers make every ride more fun and rewarding by tracking your distance, average speed, maximum speed, and more.


Stay hydrated. We have water bottles in all shapes and sizes. A bottle holder, or cage, affixed to your frame gives you easy access to your water bottle when you ride. We also sell Camelbak hydration packs.

Camelbak hydration packs


A good pair of cycling gloves makes riding much more comfortable. They'll also protect your hands. Over 200 pair on display!


Protect your eyes from wind & debris, improve your vision, and reduce glare & fatigue with a pair of high quality frames with 100% UV protection lenses.


Properly designed padded cargo-style shorts offer superb overall comfort. Our jerseys keep you dry and help you maintain a comfortable temperature. More apparel information and photos


Cycling shoes make every pedal stroke more efficient and eliminate the numbness that may develop when you ride with sneakers.

Camelbak hydration packs

Indoor Bike Trainer

Training indoors is an excellent way to keep fit and maintain your cycling form during cold weather. Stationary cycling trainers can be easily fitted to your own bike. help me choose


A seat bag keeps items from jangling and falling out of your pocket. It's also a convenient way to carry small essentials, like your keys, a patch kit, or a windbreaker.


A mini air pump, affixed to your bike's frame, will help you keep your tires at optimum pressure for a smooth, efficient ride.

Let our professional sales staff assist you with selecting the accessories that best match your bike and style of riding.