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The most critical accessory you can buy to protect yourself. We strongly suggest all riders wear helmets. We have dozens of styles, colors, and sizes available. Over 100 helmets on display.

store photo of helet selection

Popular helmet styles that we stock:

  • General Use (casual riders for road or trail)
  • Mountain Bike (extra protection around the back of head)
  • Road Bike (light weight and well vented)
  • Full Face (for Down Hill or BMX)
  • Skate Board Type (skid lid type for freestyle)
  • Childrens (toddler through adolescent)
Mips look for the Yellow Dot...


MIPS the patented Multi-directional Impact Protection System is now avalible on many of our most popular Giro and Bell helmets. MIPS can provide more protection in certain impacts. In a MIPS helmet, the shell and liner are separated by a low friction layer that lets the helmet slide relative to the head during impact.