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Car Racks

Martins Bike Shop sells a wide range of car racks. Approximate price range is $80-$400. 8 Unique styles on display.

Featured Racks

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today and check them out.

Car Racks

The easiest way to haul bikes from point A to point B. Martins Bike Shop sells quality racks that go on easy, stay on securely, and deliver the kind of accessibility of which roof systems can only dream.

Take your bikes along

  • The easiest way to transport bikes
  • Our racks have a Lifetime Warranty*
  • Securely transport your bikes to your favorite place to ride

Receiver Hitch Mount

Look for the new tray racks which make it much easier to load your bikes!

Slides into your 2" or 1 1/4" receiver hitch opening. Carries 1-5 bicycles. Sturdy and secure. Nothing touching the surface of your vehicle.

Strap on Trunk Mount

Traditional strap on styles are a more affordable way to carry 1-3 bikes. Very adjustable for many types of sedans, SUV's, vans, and hatchbacks.

About Saris

SARIS Lifetime Warranty

When we say “We bring the power of cycling to life, we mean it”. Talk’s cheap. That’s why you’ll see lifetime warranties on our Saris racks. Not three years, not five, but for as long as the original buyer owns it. Because we firmly believe that cycling is a lifetime sport. So why settle for anything less from the equipment that helps you enjoy it.

Made-in-U.S.A. Quality

For many of our competitors, quality-controlling the manufacture and assembly of their products requires an overseas flight. At Saris, we just open the back door. All Saris racks are assembled under our watchful eye right here in Madison, Wisconsin. Each rack is stress-tested for 500 hours on our custom-built shaker before making it onto your vehicle.

Easy to Load, Simple to Use

Our racks mount quickly to vehicles of nearly every make and model, from coupes to minivans. You can slide us into the hitch, clamp us on the trunk, or hang us from the back of your wagon. Even spoilers are no problem.

Protects Both Your Rides

Your bicycle and your car are among your most valued possessions. Soft rubber holds bikes in place while secure anti-sway straps keep them from touching each other, even at highway speeds. Your rack remains snuggly secured to your vehicle, and your vehicle remains scratch-free.