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Bike Brands

Our Bike Brands

We constantly strive to bring you top quality cycling products. Following is a summary of the bicycle brands we stock.

1 Giant Bicycle

Giant Bicycle is the world’s largest manufacturer of quality bikes. Giant is actively involved with professional mountain bike and road bike racing teams around the world. Martins Bike Shop has been selling Giant since 2001. Giant Bicycle: Competitive, Quality, For Everyone.

2 Liv Womens Bikes For Sale

Liv “by women for women”. Manufactured by the well know Giant Bicycle company. Liv is a women’s specific brand."

3 Raleigh

Born in 1888 Raleigh may be the oldest bike brand still being sold in the USA. But old doesn’t mean out of touch. Raleigh offers a great ride for all rider lifestyles. Martins stocks many of Raleigh’s top rated Hybrid, Mountain, and Comfort bikes.

4 Haro Bikes

Renowned BMX brand that all others are compared to. Haro offers the widest range of style and price available in BMX and Freestyle bicycling.

5 Schwinn

America’s most recognized bicycle brand. In the past Martins Bike Shop has won Schwinn’s prestigious #1 National Single Store dealer Award for several consecutive years. Martins still offers a variety of Schwinn’s “bike shop only” “Select Series” bicycles. Schwinn: Style, Class, Comfort, and Very Ridable.