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Get out and Ride!

See suggested rides listed below.

Featured Bikes

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Places to Ride

Wherever you happen to live, there are close by places to ride your bike. Here is a list of our favorite local bike rides. Pick one and do it!

Covered Bridge Metric Century

Start at Landis Valley Museum

Ideal Bike Type: Road or Hybrid

Distance: 61 mile loop.

This is a great all day ride around Lancaster county. You will encounter farmland, covered bridges, and gentle hills. This Ride is called "best in PA" by Bicycling Magazine
More Info & Website: This ride is clearly marked on the Lancaster Co. Bike Map for sale at Martins Bike Shop. An online map is available on the Map My Ride Website.

Other on road bike rides you might enjoy:

Links will take you to Lancaster Bike Club scenic tours page

Blue Marsh Lake Loop

Start at Blue Marsh Lake-State Hill Boat Launch

Ideal Bike Type: Mountain Bike

Distance: 30 mile loop.

The best thing about this trail is the variety of riding types and the constant change of scenery. You don’t need to ride the whole loop. We have often rode a few miles then circled back to the parking area. Have fun trying out the different sections of the trail.
More Info & Website: Information about the multi-use trail is available at the official website

Other mountain bike rides you might enjoy:

Links will take you to google search results for the names of these rides

Lebanon Valley & Conewago Rail Trail

Lebanon and Northern Lancaster Counties

Ideal Bike Type: Hybrid or Mountain

Distance: 20 miles.

Rail-to Trails are great places to ride. They have very few hills and a hard packed riding surface. These two trails join on the Lancaster/Lebanon County line. Elizabethtown, Mt. Gretna, Cornwall, and Lebanon City are a few of the areas you can choose to ride through.
More Info & Website: Conewago Recreation Trail Website and Lebanon Valley Rail Trail Website

Other rail trail bike rides you might enjoy:

All these trails are in the book Pennsylvania's Bicycle Trails by American Bike Trails, on sale at Martins Bike Shop.

  • Pine Creek Trail
  • Thun Trail
  • Heritage Rail Trail
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More Great Rides

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