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Comfort Bikes

Martins Bike Shop sells a wide range of comfort bikes. Approximate price range is $260-$600

Featured Bikes

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today for a free test ride.

Comfort Bikes

Perfect for rail trail paths and other leisure riding

Yeah, we know you’re not going to race. What you want is a bike that’s fun. That’s what comfort hybrid bikes are all about. These bicycles are great for riding the rail trail paths, taking along on camping excursions, or cruising your local park.

Why a Comfort Bicycle?

  • Easy Riding
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Wider Tire for Stability

Comfort bikes are intentionally designed for leisure riders. We stock comfort bikes made for road and/or trail riding.

You may want to check out our selection of Hybrid Bikes which are also great for riding our local bike paths.