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Mountain Bikes

Martins Bike Shop sells a wide range of mountain bikes. Approximate price range is $300-$2900

Featured Bikes

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today for a free test ride.

Mountain Bikes

Fat tires to tame mild-to-wild terrain

Among all the different types of two-wheeled adventures, none offers more options than mountain biking. Variety of terrain and evolution of technology have opened a world of possibilities for today’s off-road riders, and Martins Bike Shop has a bike for everyone—from lightweight hardtails to radical suspension technology. Whether you prefer casual cruising, aggressive trail riding, or performance-oriented racing, there’s a bike to help you find adventure around every turn, over every crest and down every path.

Types of Mountain Bicycles

  • All Terrain Sport– General off road riding
  • Hard Tail- For single track Mt. trails
  • Full Suspension- Roots, rocks, logs, no problem!

NEW! Giant Introduces 27.5” Wheel (a.k.a. 650b)

For the best of both 26” and 29” your new bike needs to be a 27.5 inch wheel. Benefits of Giant’s 27.5 Technology:

  1. Lighter than 29”
  2. More Efficient than 26”
  3. Better Control than 26” or 29”

Stop in today and demo all three wheel sizes for yourself. Read more about the science behind 27.5 wheels at

We have 29ers

It’s the mountain bike with 29 inch wheels. Here’s what makes these bikes better than your traditional 26 inch: Bigger wheels roll over obstacles with greater ease. Bigger wheels equal better traction. Bigger wheels improve your rolling momentum.

If you are a casual recreational rider

You may also want to check out a Hybrid Bike Or Comfort Bike.