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Specialty Bikes

Low Step Through, Fat Tire Bikes, Three Wheel Recumbent, Unicycle, and more all available at Martins Bike Shop

Featured Bikes

These and many other models are in stock at Martins Bike Shop. Stop in today for a free test ride.

Specialty Bikes

One, two, or three wheels; you choose.

Whether it is being groovy or comfortable, we know you have an expectation on how you want to ride. Martins Bike Shop stocks a wide range of specialty bikes. All of these categories are represented in our showroom. These special rides are here waiting for you to stop over and give them a test ride. Photos in this section are for illustration of type. Visit store to see exact models and colors in stock.

picture of Low Step Through

Low Step Through

Have difficulty getting off and on a bike? Here is a super low step through design. Actual step over height is 8 inches. Aluminum frame available in a few color options. 1, 3, or 7 speed drive train available. Made by Sun Bicycles, a great little bike brand that has talent to make this type of specialty and to make it well.

picture of Fat Tire Bikes

Fat Tire Bikes

Mud, sand, snow… Ride wherever you want. Four inch wide tires are made to tame wild and mild. Several brands and models available. The mountain bike version has their own following in off road mountain bike group rides. Also great for a “just for fun bike”!

picture of Three Wheel Recumbent

Three Wheel Recumbent

Low riding, very stable, super comfortable; recumbent three wheelers are all of the above. We stock several configurations including the tadpole design with two wheels in front and the traditional two wheels in back design. Sling type seat is much more comfortable than a conventional bike seat.

picture of Adult Three Wheel

Adult Three Wheel

Boardwalk, township park, bike trail? Where do you want to ride? Do it with the safety and security of the adult three wheeler. We have at least 5 different options on display year round. Large basket on back for carrying your stuff. Our Miami Sun brand is super popular in Florida but rides just as well in your neighborhood. Optional electric motor kit available if you need some extra boost.

picture of Unicycle


Your local unicycle headquarters. 8 models to choose from. Beginner and pro styles available. Several options in the popular 20 and 24 inch wheel size as well as the 16” mini; 26”, 29” and 36” long distance riders; and the fantastic 5 foot tall giraffe.